Showroom Open

LFT Hub was founded in 2021 by LFT Professional INC. to provide high quality tile installations for general use, exterior cladding, furniture cladding, specialized kitchen, and bathroom selections.

Our purpose-built space “HUB” incorporates the full spectrum of tile buyers from novice to experienced. We have included several visual aids, such as high fidelity product picture and displays to help give you better sense of “Large Format Tile” for real life fit.

Our space is your one-stop-hub for convenient tile install, design studio, education space in Calgary, AB.

If you’re looking to buy tile or get a complicated installation, but are restricted to certain brands or inexperienced installers, we host many tile brands, types, sizes and have an award winning tile crew.

Come visit us at 4720 1 ST SE, Calgary, AB and “We got you covered”.

See our Gallery page.

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